2gether Card review 2021

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Spend your cryptocurrency with the 2gether Visa
The 2gether Visa card lets you spend your crypto or your euros anywhere, without fees nor maintenance costs. The new economy living alongside the traditional economy in our everyday lives.

2gether Card

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Details and information about the 2gether Card

Welcome to the economic revolution! We’re happy to count on you and we want you to have the best experience with 2gether, so here you have a small guide about how to start using the app.

Step 1: Sign up on 2gether

Once you’ve downloaded the 2gether app, you will be able to create a 2gether account.

During the registration process (KYC or “Know Your Customer”) we will ask you for information such as your email address, a referral code (if you got one), your personal details, a picture of your ID, and a selfie to verify your identity.

Step 2: Top up your 2gether account with euros

To start trading with 2gether, you will need to deposit euros in your account. For that, you’ll need to add a payment method, which shall be a credit or debit card.

Step 3: Buy your first cryptocurrency

With your euro account already full, you can now start buying and selling cryptocurrency on 2gether, without added fees, and at real market price.

For that, you’ll have to go to the “Accounts” section of the 2gether app, tap on the cryptocurrency that you want to trade with, and start buying and selling instantly.

Step 4: Become a Founder

Once you’ve joined 2gether, you can become one of the project’s Founders by acquiring 200 2GT, the equivalent to 10€.

You can buy 2GT on the “2GT Community” section of the app by tapping on the “Buy 2GT” button and introducing the amount of tokens you want to purchase. jedoch, you can also accumulate 2GT every time you invite a friend to try 2gether with your referral code thanks to 2gether’s Referral Program.

Remember that to become a Founder you will need 200 2GT, and if you want to enjoy the best perks of using 2gether, you can become a Founder Plus by accumulating at least 20.000 2GT, the equivalent to 1.000€.

Step 5: Get your 2gether card

Once you become a Founder, you can request your 2gether card without added fees.

You can do so on the “2gether Card” section of your personal area on the app. Once you’ve requested it, you’ll receive it at home in around 4 Wochen, tops.

And that would be it! Following these steps, you’ll be ready to enjoy all of 2gether’s perks, and if you ever have any questions or feedback that you might want to share with us, you can do so via social media.

2gether Card review and fees

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