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Blockcard is card from US-people, for US-people. It is available to everyone in the US, not only a few selected people in the US but for card holders from all states in the US. This is very unusual and out of all the cards in our Crypto Debit Card List, roughly 1 out of 3 accept US-investors at all.

Within short however, the company expects that Blockcard will be available also to card holders from 31 European countries. It does not clearly state which ones (and there are 44 countries in Europe), but we will most likely find out shortly.


Vorteile & Kontras :

Details and information about the Blockcard

Different from many other cryptocurrency debit cards, Blockcard also has a crypto cash back-program. The crypto cash back-program can reward you with as much as 6.00%. The spending required to reach different cash back-levels starting at 0.00% for spending worth less than 30,000 TERN.

But that's not all. Blockcard not only has a high crypto cash back-percentage, it is unlimited. Many cards with crypto cash back-programs cap the cash-backs to a certain spending limit. Not Blockcard. This could be hugely advantageous for an avid spender. In the company's own words:

"It’s a major driver for many users and negates many of the other fees are bank partners mandate us to have."

There is/will be three different versions of Blockcard.

Blockcard also offers an attractive referral program. Die Bedingungen sind ganz einfach. If you invite a friend to sign up for the card, both you and your friend receives USD 10.00. jedoch, you can't withdraw any funds you have made from the referral program if you are not from the United States. So European users, beware.

Blockcard is a VISA-card, Dies bedeutet, dass Sie die Karte an jedem Zahlungspunkt verwenden können, an dem VISA akzeptiert wird. Dies ist natürlich ein großer Vorteil, zu sehen, dass VISA die am weitesten verbreitete Karte der Welt ist (neben MasterCard). The card that will be launched in Europe, jedoch, will be a MasterCard.

Another unique feature of this card is that it is possible to use anywhere where you can use ApplePay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay. Zu unserem Wissen, this is not possible with any other crypto debit card.

Blockcard’s fees are very competitive. Bei der Nutzung fallen natürlich Gebühren an, aber diese schrecken nicht davon ab, es zu benutzen.

The monthly fee depends on whether you spend more than USD 750 a month or not. If you do, there's no monthly fee at all. If you don't, the monthly fee is USD 5.00.

Die Ausgabegebühr beträgt USD 10.00. Dies liegt leicht unter der weltweiten durchschnittlichen Ausgabegebühr für Krypto-Debitkarten, die wohl bei etwa USD liegt 15.00.

ATM-usage results in a fixed fee of USD 3.00 on the withdrawn amount, provided that you make your withdrawal in the US. If you withdraw outside the US, the ATM-usage is a fixed fee of USD 3.50. Maximum withdrawal is USD 500 per day. Solche Fixgebühren können in Ländern nachteilig sein, in denen die normalen Geldautomaten nur kleinere Abhebungen zulassen (US Dollar 20 zum Beispiel). In solchen Szenarien, Um einen größeren Betrag abzuheben, müssen Sie mehrmals abheben, löst damit jedes Mal die Fixgebühr aus. In der Regel können Sie dies vermeiden, indem Sie einfach zu einer lokalen Bank am entsprechenden Ort gehen. Lokale Banken erlauben normalerweise höhere Abhebungen.

Außerdem, die wichtigste Gebühr von allen, ist die Provision für die Ausgaben. Blockcard doesn't have a spending commission at all. This is a very competitive feature for this card which is actually quite unusual.

There is no maximum or minimum deposit, as far as we understand it. There is however a maximum spending level. Maximum spending is USD 10,000 per day. We would assume that most card holders will be on the right side of this daily spending limit with a great margin...

Blockcard review and fees

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