2gether Card review 2021

Pièces prises en charge: 10
Paypal autorisé: Non
Vraie carte de crédit: Oui
Échange intégré: Non
Portefeuille inclus: Oui
Clients américains: Non
Prend en charge DeFi:
Prend en charge l'API: Non
Table des matières

2gether claims to be building the financial platform that customers would build for themselves; where money goes beyond EUR and USD, exponential technologies augment and customers financial decisions are simplified. But also, most importantly, revenues are shared with users based on each of their contributions. 2gether offers a sleek app where you can trade cryptocurrencies, along with an accompanying card that allows you to spend FIAT and Crypto for free.

2gether Card
2gether Card

Avantages et inconvénients :

  • No commission costs;
  • Possibility to use 2Gether Tokens
  • Few reviews about that card

Details and information about the 2gether Card

2gether is a VISA-card. Cela donne à la carte une portée magnifique. VISA-cards are accepted at over 54 millions d'endroits dans plus de 200 pays accepte actuellement la carte. Cela rend la carte parfaite pour un vrai globe-trotter. The company behind the card is based in Madrid.


Les investisseurs américains ne peuvent pas utiliser cette carte. The card is only available to people who are citizens and permanent residents of the Eurozone. Alors, if you’re an American and you’re looking to get a cryptocurrency debit card, you’ll have to resort to this cryptocurrency debit card list and pick one of the cards where there is a green checkmark in the “US Allowed”-column. It shouldn’t be that hard for you now, should it?

2gether supports the following cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Stellar Lumens, Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, EOS, Qtum, Ripple and Cardano. More cryptocurrencies are added on a regular basis, so the card will support even more cryptocurrencies in the future.

En ce qui concerne les monnaies fiduciaires, 2gether currently support EUR. Other fiat currencies will surely be added in the future.


The 2gether card fees are among the most competitive on the market. You only need to invest 10€ in 2GT tokens in app to receive the card and lifetime membership, while receiving 200 2GT tokens back. Making the purchase virtually free. If you prefer trying the platform first, you can do so for free.

Let’s have a closer look at the fees.

Issuance fee: EUR 10

There are no:

  • monthly fees,
  • ATM fees,
  • transaction fees,
  • upkeep fees, ou
  • hidden fees.

The one-time issuance fee with no usage fees is unique in the industry. It is far lower than the industry average.

If you are an average trader and spender, the card limits should be more than satisfactory.

Minimum deposit amount: EUR 10 (fiat), no minimum deposit amount for Crypto

Maximum deposit amount: EUR 30,000 per month and EUR 150,000 per year (sum of FIAT and Crypto)

The card from 2gether also offers something very interesting: une fonction de remboursement. Qu'est-ce qu'une fonctionnalité de remboursement? bien, c'est en fait assez simple, chaque fois que vous utilisez la carte, un pourcentage de ce que vous payez avec la carte vous est reversé. We have not been able to determine in which form you get the cashback. If it's in cold hard cash, or through the 2gether's native token (the 2GT). You can belong to one of five groups when you have a 2gether card: User, Founder, Explorer, Challenger and Sato. Which group you belong to depends upon how many 2GT-tokens you hold, and the most attractive group is Sato.


2gether Card review and fees

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