Eidoo Card review 2021

Pièces prises en charge: 12
Paypal autorisé: Non
Vraie carte de crédit: Non
Échange intégré: Non
Portefeuille inclus: Oui
Clients américains: Non
Prend en charge DeFi: yes
Prend en charge l'API: Non
Table des matières

Eidoo Card is a card from the British company Moneyfold Ltd (registered with the FCA in the UK). To be able to use the card, you first need to download the Eidoo app and start up an account, which in turn automatically includes an Eidoo wallet. In that wallet, you can convert BTC or ETH into EUR or GBP, and then load them onto the card.

There are a few crypto cards where the users must load the cards with crypto separately. Eidoo emphasizes on its website that that's not necessary here. Instead, you just convert your crypto into GBP or EUR in the app via the Eidoo wallet (comme mentionné ci-dessus). This process makes it quite easy to start using the card for spending.

Eidoo Card
Eidoo Card

Avantages et inconvénients :

  • Easy to use
  • Multiple cryptocurrency support
  • Automatically identifies new tokens and does not need user to keep adding them one by one
  • Exchange feature integrated
  • Does not store user private keys
  • Desktop support is still in Beta version
  • Not regulated
  • Relatively new to the crypto market and yet to prove itself
  • Some features still under development

Details and information about the Eidoo Card

Eidoo Card supports, inter alia, Bitcoin, Ethereum and all ERC20-tokens.

The card is only available to order for people who are based in the European Union (and UK, an addition we have to make now since 31 December 2020). In order to get a card, you need to pass KYC. If you are from outside the EU/UK.

Eidoo Card is a VISA-card, ce qui signifie que vous pouvez utiliser la carte à n'importe quel point de paiement qui accepte VISA. C'est bien sûr un grand avantage, voir que VISA est la carte la plus acceptée au monde (aux côtés de MasterCard).

The card from Eidoo also offers something very interesting: une fonction de remboursement. Qu'est-ce qu'une fonctionnalité de remboursement? bien, c'est en fait assez simple, chaque fois que vous utilisez la carte, un pourcentage de ce que vous payez avec la carte vous est reversé. Here, it gets transferred back in the form of PNT-tokens (pNetwork Tokens). And the percentage is actually from 0-10%, depending upon how many PNT-tokens you hold. The levels required for the different cashback-percentages.

The below picture shows the three different types of cards now available for pre-order. As is evident from the below picture, the Eidoo Black Card is naturally the most desirable but also the most difficult to be eligible to for. To get the cashback feature in the Basic version of the card, you have to stake 20 pNetwork tokens (on the date of last updating this review, 16 janvier 2021, corresponding to roughly USD 8.40). In order to get the VIP card, you need to stake 25,000 pNetwork tokens (16 janvier 2021: roughly USD 10,500), for a year. In order to the get the Black Card (the best of them all), you need to stake 200,000 pNetwork tokens (16 janvier 2021: roughly USD 84,000), for a year.

Eidoo Card’s fees are low.

There are no monthly fees and no fees for ATM-usage either. This is very unusual and clearly a competitive edge relative to the market standard, as most cards charge at least USD 1.00-2.00 monthly fees and sometimes quite hefty ATM-fees.

Il y a des frais d'émission (sort of), as the company requires anyone ordering the Basic Version to burn 100 PNT to get it. À la date de la première rédaction de cet avis (8 avril 2020), 100 PNT corresponded to roughly USD 10, so this is quite in line with industry average crypto debit card issuance fees (normally between USD 10.00 to USD 15.00). On the date of last updating the review however, La carte de Wirex propose également quelque chose de très intéressant 16 janvier 2021, 100 PNT was worth around USD 42, which is a quite hefty issuance fee.

Le plus important de tous est la commission sur les dépenses. À notre compréhension, Eidoo Card has no spending fee at all. If this understanding is correct, is is a very impressive feature of this card that we applaud warmly.

Eidoo Card review and fees

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