Examen de la carte de débit Xapo 2021

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La carte Xapo a vu le jour depuis 2014 au mois d'avril et est considérée comme une carte de débit pour Bitcoin. L'entreprise a été créée dans l'année 2015 au mois de mai à Palo Alto, Californie, mais récemment, il a été transféré à Zurich, la Suisse. Vous obtenez une carte qui ressemble et fonctionne comme une carte de débit bancaire/VISA standard. Vous pouvez acheter en ligne avec, ou en magasin, ou retirer d'un guichet automatique. La seule différence est que la carte Xapo est directement liée à un portefeuille Bitcoin, au lieu d'un compte bancaire ordinaire.

Carte de débit Xapo
Carte de débit Xapo

Avantages et inconvénients :

  • The use of the Xapo debit card for bitcoin can be done for online transactions and POS.
  • The process of verification is up-grading at Xapo.
  • The use of Xapo account is free for the verified users.
  • The initial launch had issues with the branding of the debit card.
  • Due to incorrect currency exchange initially, the Xapo prohibited jurisdiction.
  • The exact time needed for verification of an unverified user is not disclosed by Xapo.

Details and information about the Xapo Debitcard

Xapo Card Features

The first issued debit card for bitcoin is Xapo and is directly linked to the wallet of bitcoin. The claims made for Xapo Card usage seems to be the safest form of bitcoin usage in the form of a debit card throughout the marketplace globally.

The wallet from Xapo and the debit card fits together in a perfect manner and can be used anywhere including stores, online payments, and also at ATM’s for withdrawing cash.

The Xapo debit card is physically available and can be virtually accessed too using the applications on the smartphones for managing the transactions.

Supported Currency GBP, EUR, et USD.

Has An App – Yes. Users can easily manage the bitcoins present in the wallets and take care of all the transactions and finances from the desktop, as well as from mobile devices that operate on the IOS and the Android platforms using the smartphone applications.

Anonymous – No.

Physical Card – Yes.

Virtual Card – Yes.

Type de carte – VISA.

Xapo Fees

The cost of the Xapo debit card for bitcoin transactions is $20 USD and the rate of currency exchange and conversion counts to 3% overall. The annual fees associated with the card are of $12 USD on a yearly basis which is under a waiver for the initial year of getting the card. The surcharge for the ATM withdrawal is usually more and counts to approximately $2.5 USD for domestic usage and $3.5 USD for international usage. The term inactiveness incurs a penalty or a small amount for tax. The replacement of cards under any circumstances usually incurs a fee that is charged by DHL. There is a small charge of 1% on the purchase of bitcoins but the transaction fee for the network counts nil while transferring and sending the bitcoins using the associated account of Xapo.

Countries available Xapo bitcoin debit card is available across 129 countries which mostly includes the countries in Asia, Chine, South-America, and Europe. toutefois, some of the nations that mostly use the bitcoin services are excluded from the list to avail the services. This is for the people in the US, Africa, and India.

Services provided

  • The offering of Xapo is all around from services related to storage in wallets, debit cards, and bitcoin vaults.
  • The arrival of the card usually takes a period of twenty-five days on an approximation based on the distance to be covered from the location of dispatch. The shipping is usually free when the standard means is chosen, whereas, for the expedited shipments DHL charges $55USD and the card reaches in a short span of only a week.
  • Anonymous usage is not completely done as users who are not verified can use the card by providing some relevant personal information.
  • There is no limitation for the verified users for online purchases and ATM withdrawals; pourtant, the applicable daily limits are a barred at POS for $20000 USD and ATM withdrawals for $2000 USD on a daily basis.

Xapo Security

The account for Xapo receives an advanced form of protection under three security layers. There is an authentication done using multifactor alongside with the security of the cryptographic form and simultaneously the advanced security is provided with the help of segmentation done with the help of a private key. The vaults of Xapo are dispersed globally and are offline in order to serve the best protection and security of all the relevant data and information stored and related to Xapo. The dispersion geographically helps in protecting all the assets and keeps them secure from seizure by the government entities in any aspect.

Ordering Your Xapo Card

Getting a Xapo card sorted is simple once you’ve got a Bitcoin wallet setup with Xapo (you will need one of these to have access to the card. Setting up a Xapo account & wallet is simple, and the phone app is really easy to use).

From within your wallet there is an option to order a card. Provided you live in one of the accepted countries, which seems to be just about every Western country, then you’ll be eligible for a card.

Here’s some other things you need to know when ordering:

  • You pick whether you want your card to be denominated in US Dollars, British Pounds, or Euro. You can’t change once this is done. It’s important to pick the right currency for your needs as you will be transacting in whatever currency you picked. So if you picked a US dollar card put you live in France, then you’ll pay extortionate exchange fees every time you shop.
  • You’ll need to pay for your card with the balance of your Xapo wallet. So make sure you transfer some BTC into your wallet before trying to order.
  • It costs $20 USD to get your card issued. Your first year’s card fee is included.
  • There are two shipping options; a free option with no tracking that can take 2-8 weeks to arrive, and expedited DHL delivery with tracking for $55 USD. I opted for DHL shipping and received my card 6 days after ordering, and got to enjoy accurate tracking. I strongly recommend coughing up the $55 for the peace of mind DHL shipping provides.
  • The card you’ll receive is provided by My Choice Corporate

Xapo Debitcard review and fees

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