Crypterium Card review 2021

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Crypterium Card is an interesting new card that . The card is formally issued by the Estonian company Crypterium AS (Reg. Number: 14352837).

On the date of last updating this review, the company behind the card presented on its website that it had issued 30,000+ cards, processed over 1 million transactions monthly, and was available for order from 65+ देशों (including the US). This is all very impressive, of course.

क्रिप्टोरियम कार्ड
क्रिप्टोरियम कार्ड

पेशेवरों और विपक्ष :

  • Can send crypto to practically any bank account in the world

  • Pay bills with digital assets

  • Available in 178 देशों

  • Crypto assets held in the Crypterium app are 100% insured

  • Control your Visa crypto card via the Crypterium app

  • Supports many digital assets

  • Has its own proprietary token that complicates the user experience

  • Wallet is custodial

  • Monthly fee

Details and information about the Crypterium Card

Crypterium Card is a VISA-card, इसका मतलब है कि आप वीज़ा स्वीकार करने वाले किसी भी भुगतान के समय कार्ड का उपयोग कर सकते हैं. यह निश्चित रूप से एक बड़ा फायदा है, यह देखते हुए कि वीज़ा दुनिया में सबसे व्यापक रूप से स्वीकृत कार्ड है (मास्टरकार्ड के साथ). You can use it in over 42 million physical and online retailers worldwide.

The card has support for Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin (in addition to its own crypto: the Crypterium Token). Also, it supports the EUR fiat currency. The card in other continents support other fiat currencies as well.

Some cards offer cashback functions. What's that? कुंआ, यह वास्तव में काफी सरल है, every time you use such card, आप कार्ड से जो भुगतान करते हैं उसका एक प्रतिशत आपको वापस स्थानांतरित कर दिया जाता है (normally in the form of BTC or a specific type of token).

As far as we know, Crypterium Card does not have a cashback feature. Yet.

Crypterium Card’s fees are very competitive indeed.

There is a monthly fee amounting to USD 2.99 per month.

There are no issuance fees, but a delivery fee amounting to EUR 14.99, so we have listed that as the delivery fee (it's still a fee associated with the issuance in a sense).

There are no minimum deposit limits. As long as you have a balance on the Crypterium-account that the card is connected to, you can use the card.

To our understanding, there are no spending commissions or top up-commissions. But we are yet to confirm this statement with the company. Stay tuned!

As for the limits, you can withdraw up to EUR 2,500 per month from VISA-compatible ATMs.

You can also spend up to EUR 10,000 per month.

Few things you need to know before you order the card:

  • You should have some funds in BTC in your Crypterium wallet to order the card.
  • DHL delivery which takes about 2 days.
  • You can skip the DHL delivery and order free delivery. This could take 2-3 हफ्तों.
  • You can lock 199 CRPT tokens to reduce the card issuance fees.

Crypterium Card review and fees

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