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TenX एक क्रिप्टोक्यूरेंसी डेबिट कार्ड है जिसे लॉन्च किया गया (या यों कहें, फिर से लॉन्च किया) जनवरी में 2019. प्रारंभिक लॉन्च जुलाई में था 2017.

कार्ड के पीछे कंपनी आज TenX Pte Ltd . है (सिंगापुर में आधारित). मिक्स में एक लिकटेंस्टीन कंपनी भी है, टेनएक्स पेमेंट्स यूरोप एजी, और वह कंपनी इलेक्ट्रॉनिक धन जारी करने के लिए लिकटेंस्टीन के वित्तीय बाजार प्राधिकरण द्वारा पंजीकृत है.

The first thing you need to do in order to acquire the card is to download the TenX Wallet app, available on both Google Play and AppStore.You then order the card in the app and you will normally receive it within 7-9 days if you reside in any of the European countries. If you live in Asia or the Pacific, delivery might take up to 5 हफ्तों.

TenX Card
TenX Card

पेशेवरों और विपक्ष :

  • Incubated by PayPal
  • TenX Pte Ltd started in 2015
  • The mobile app renders management of the TenX Visa card a breeze
  • Visa card available at payment terminals worldwide
  • A TenX virtual Visa card is available
  • Competitive fee structures
  • The goal of mainstream adoption
  • Ease of integration
  • Allows users to transact in cryptos anywhere
  • COMIT tech permits users to interact with the blockchain directly
  • Excellent company leadership
  • Tremendous vision and execution
  • No rewards program for the card
  • Currently only supports four crypto assets
  • TenX Visa Card's issuing bank faced solvency issues in 2020
  • Presently only available in a handful of nations
  • Possible legal struggles with the US government
  • Value of PAY token as opposed to other cryptos

Details and information about the TenX Card

TenX Card Options

Once you receive your card, you can start taking full advantage of its many options. These include two principal benefits:

  1. Detailed transaction tracking
  2. 24/7 card security

Gaining access to precise transaction tracking lets you take charge of your purchases. Like fiat debit cards, there's no delay between making purchases and having them show up on your app, which proves highly convenient.

As for its security features? TenX provides real-time updates when the debit card gets used. You have the option of locking and unlocking your card as needed based on these updates.

Besides this, the card comes with two-factor authentication (2FA), providing additional layers of security.

You'll also enjoy TenX's functionality when it comes to buying Bitcoin. You can use your TenX Wallet to purchase this popular crypto, which offers instant access to your funds for spending.

This feature represents the perfect blend of functionality and versatility. It'll also ensure that you get more out of this crypto debit card.

With the TenX card, you can spend Bitcoin (as mentioned above), but also Litecoin and Ethereum, and the card will most likely support even more cryptocurrencies in the future.

फिएट मुद्राओं के संबंध में, TenX supports the USD and the SGD. More fiat currencies will most likely be supported going forward as well.

TenX is a VISA-card. This gives the card a magnificient reach. The company behind TenX says that over 54 million places in more than 200 countries currently accepts the card. This makes the card perfect for a true globetrotter.

We think that TenX charges competitive fees. This means that the fees with this card is not a disadvantage to using it.

कोई मासिक शुल्क नहीं है. The issuance fee is an ordinary USD 15.00 for the physical card and USD 1.50 for the virtual card.

There is a fixed ATM-withdrawal fee amounting to USD 3.25. The latter fixed fee might be disadvantageous in countries where the normal ATM-machines only allow smaller withdrawals (USD 20 मिसाल के तौर पर). ऐसे परिदृश्यों में, बड़ी राशि निकालने के लिए आपको कई बार निकालना होगा, इस प्रकार हर बार निश्चित शुल्क को ट्रिगर करना.

और भी, उन सभी का सबसे महत्वपूर्ण शुल्क, खर्च पर कमीशन. TenX charges no commission based on your spending. This means that if you buy a pair of jeans for USD 100, this will only reduce your crypto assets with USD 100, and nothing more.

There is no maximum deposit which is great news for people interested in making large deposits to cryptocurrency debit cards.

TenX Card review and fees

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