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Pregled debitne kartice

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Bitplastic is offline

Bitplastic offers its services for those who prefer anonymity on the web. Their bitcoin debit card can be order with full privacy. No need to provide any personal information, the name is not listed on the card and they don’t store the client’s data. Anyone who wish to keep their spending private can turn to Bitplastic.

Bitplastic no IDs

About Bitplastic

To se nije tako iznenađujuće da je Bitcoin usluga debitna kartica koja je specijalizirana za anonimne transakcije ne otkrije informacije o tvrtki. Dakle, to se ne vrijedi u potrazi za o dijelu o njihovoj web stranici.

Bitplastic Bitcoin debitna karticaBitplastic stranica je registrirana u 2013, tako da su na tržištu sve od, što znači da su jedan od prvih pionira. Kartice su izdane od strane poljskih banaka, koje su korijeni sežu u Poljskoj.

Their site suggests to follow Michael Moriarty on Twitter for upcoming news and also the support emails are responded under this name. However this name is most probable only an alias and not the famous actor is providing bitcoin services.

Bitplastic on Social Media

Usluge pružene

Bitplastic anonymous cardsThe Bitplastic bitcoin debit card offers a solution for those who want to withdraw funds or pay online anonymously. After registration and payment, clients can use the debit cards without further identity verification. Customers are not required to show proof of identity of proof of residence for using their services. Even the card itself is not showing the owner’s name. For those who pay extra attention to their internet footprints, the website is also accessible on the TOR network.

The bitcoin debit card is issued by Mbank or WBK, local banks of Poland. The Bitplastic bitcoin debit cards can be used at any ATMs , POS terminals and online stores which accepts VISA as payment method. The cards can be funded with bitcoins and with USD currency, the top up processing usually takes 24 sati, it lasts a bit longer if a weekend day is included. The card come with a PIN codes that users receives via email, obviously this code is different compared to the one users use for the account.

Bitplastic bitcoin walletBitplastic offers its services for all countries in the world, including India, Kina, Nigeria and even North Korea. As per their website, their anonymous bitcoin debit cards are also accessible for US residents as well. Typically it takes 2-3 weeks so received the Bitplastic card. Međutim, clients might have to wait couple of weeks before their card arrives, as the debit cards are only shipped, when the order queue reached 200 piece. Before that, the card is just waiting to be shipped in Poland.

The daily withdrawal limit is 160 USD per card. However as clients can order as many Bitplastic cards they want, at the end this results unlimited withdrawals. The point-of-sale transactions are limited to 1000 USD po danu. However clients must be aware of the fact that there are several merchant that refuse to accept anonymous card in person at their shops.

Bitplastic affiliatesBeside the anonymous bitcoin debit card, Bitplastic also runs a bitcoin exchange where clients can buy and sell cryptocurrencies as well without identity verification. Their wallet is a full-featured hot bitcoin wallet which has two factor authentication for login. The funds can be withdraw to the debit card or to PayPal accounts.

Za trgovce, Bitplastic offers an e-cart system, which enables easy bitcoin acceptance. It creates a fast and easy way to receive bitcoins for sales online. For casinos and gabling platform they offer an even more sophisticated payment solution. The API is reachable for advanced users as well.

Through their affiliate program, users can earn 30% of the fees daily and instantly collected from the referred new clients. This is an extraordinary high referral fee on the bitcoin debit card market.

Bitplastic easy to start

Naknade i cijene Raspored

Using the Bitplastic bitcoin debit card is free, if the user processes at least 3500 USD worth of transaction through the card. The company is running a very unusual fee collecting method. They collect a deposit of 0.2 do 0.4 BTC on the card that is refunded once the 3500 USD threshold is reached. This 3500 USD is also serves as the annual top up limit per card.

Bitplastic ultra secure walletBitplastic collects its fees from the bitcoin-dollar conversion. They charge 6-8% on each conversion through the provided bitcoin price. The bitcoin exchange rate Bitplastic applies is the price on CoinChimp with an additional commission fee.

The ATM withdrawals costs only 1.50 USD po transakciji. Withdrawals to PayPal accounts has a flat fee of 5%. The minimum amount of the transaction is 25 USD and there is no maximum for the transfers.

Bitplastic User Experience

Bitplastic cardsBitplastic websites shines in gold color. The platform is crammed with information about the bitcoin debit card and how anonymous their services is. There are many and more links to bitcoin tumblers and faucets and various links to their services. Users can quickly get lost as the site is not structured too user friendly. However once clients find the right page, it usually have plentiful information and details to read. Although they pay a lot attention to make sure the fees and costs are not transparently disclosed.

There are several scam warnings on various bitcoin forums over the internet that talks about lost bitcoins and never fulfilled transactions. Users who want to use anonymous services always risk the possibility of being deceived.

Sveukupno Zaključak

Bitplastic offers anonymous bitcoin backed debit cards that can be a popular solution for those who wish to hide their identity on the internet. Based on the pricing schedule, the transaction fees are fairly high compared to competitors but there are no further costs of the services, except for withdrawals. Unfortunately their website is more like a time travel back to the ’90s and even though it has a lot of pages, only the crucial information is swamped between the details. The users’ feedbacks on various bitcoin forums and review sites suggests that there were many cases in the past where there were no response from the support team and several transactions have never arrived. Therefore it is advisable to only use them at your own risk.


  • fully anonymous services
  • unlimited number of cards can be ordered
  • platform is accessible from the TOR network


  • only USD currency is allowed
  • shady information about the company
  • long shipping time