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Ulasan Kad Debit Xapo.com

Ulasan Kad Debit Xapo.com

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Xapo offers an everyday bitcoin wallet that is convenient to use with the associated bitcoin debit card during everyday transactions. The easy to use wallet is backed with a serious infrastructure. Xapo claim to offer most secured bitcoin storage option available, their bitcoin wallets are known as of the Fort Knox of bitcoin.

About Xapo

Xapo has been on the bitcoin debit card market since April 2014. The company started its growth in Palo Alto, California and in May 2015 the headquarter has been relocated into Zurich, Switzerland. Federico Murrone, one of the owners reasoned the move with that Switzerland has regulatory stability and international neutrality with deep tradition in global finance that support and accelerate Xapo’s focus on becoming a leader in the bitcoin world.

Xapo debit cardNow incorporated in Hong Kong, Xapo operates worldwide, but the operations started in Argentina by Wences Casares and Federico Murrone.

Wences Casares has a 20+ years of experience in the internet business has started to grow interest towards bitcoin when the Argentine economy worsened couple of years ago. Before founding Xapo he already had another digital wallet platform (Lemon) that he built in the need to store his own bitcoins back in 2011. Beside beside being the CEO of Xapo, he sits in the board of directors of PayPal, Endeavor and Kiva.

Federico Murrone, who serves currently as COO at Xapo has been working with Casares from the beginning over the years. His focus is on technology design and implementation.

dalam 2016 Xapo has raised 40 million USD from leading Silicon Valley venture capital firms, like Benchmark Capital, Greylock Partners and many more. Xapo employs three noted advisors to aid the mainstream acceptance of bitcoin. Lawrence H. Summers the former Secretary of the Treasury under President Clinton, Dee Hock, the founder of VISA and John Reed, former chairman and CEO of Citibank.

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Xapo offers front-to-back bitcoin storage services with a wallet, a vault and a bitcoin debit card.

Xapo bitcoin walletThe wallet offers an easy way to manage the finances from desktop or from smart phones as Android and iOS apps are available too. The Xapo account is claimed to be the safest bitcoin wallet available on the market, as the account is protected at the three most advanced layers. Cryptography security is combined with multifactor authentication and private key segmentation. The vaults are located geographically dispersed and offline to provide physical security of the data stored at Xapo. Geographic dispersion also protects the assets from being seized by any form of government entity.

Xapo debit card and Xapo wallet are perfectly fits together. Cards can be used online, at local stores and at ATMs to withdraw cash. The cards is assured by VISA’s worldwide reliability and available with USD, EUR and GBP default currencies.

Xapo bitcoin debit cardThe card arrives within 10 kepada 25 days depending on the distance. Standard shipping is free, for an extra 55 USD DHL expedited shipping delivers the cards just within 7 hari. Xapo services 129 in total including most countries in Europe, South-America and Asia, even China. But some nations who would use bitcoins the most are excluded from the services. This means, US citizens and people from India and countries in Africa, Far-East cannot order Xapo bitcoin debit card.

The user verification process is called as upgrading at Xapo. After providing government issued ID cards and proof of residents documents newer than 3 bulan, the limits of the cards are increased. Xapo does not disclose the amount of time needed for verification, all they say, that their Compliance Team needs to verify the information provided.

Xapo bitcoin card can be used online and at POS terminalsUnverified users may spend 2500 USD online and withdraw 1 000 USD cash maximum. Even unverified users must provide certain personal information, like name, email, phone number, country and date of birth. So Xapo’s service cannot be used completely anonymously.

Verified users on the other hand has no limit on online purchases nor in ATM withdrawals. Only daily limits apply: POS spending is capped at 20 000 Dolar Amerika, daily ATM withdrawal at 2 000 USD which can come from 2 urus niaga.

Bayaran dan Jadual Harga

Xapo debit card costs 20 USD at issuance with a 1 USD for the PIN. The first year annual fees are free of charge, from next year it costs 12 USD annually.

Xapo insurancePurchasing with the Xapo debit cards cost no money in the card’s default currency. Foreign exchange fee is 3% if the purchase currency is not the same as the account’s base currency. Users may withdraw cash from domestic ATMs for 2.5 USD and at international ATMs for 3.5 Dolar Amerika.

Xapo charges 1% fee for buying bitcoins, but has no network transaction fee for sending bitcoins using a Xapo account. The bitcoin current exchange price is disclosed on the website and it is within acceptable bid-offer range, they are not charging it at a margin.

Using the Xapo account itself is free. This means that unlike many other bitcoin debit card provider, the funding of the account does not cost anything to the user. Xapo’s motto is: ‘Your Xapo Wallet is entirely free. Welcome to the world of bitcoin.’

Xapo User experience

Xapo.com is a professionally built website for everyday users. Information is easy to find, the design is very live.

Xapo iconThe FAQ and the website answers most of the questions an everyday user may have. FAQ is also available in Russian, Spanish and Portuguese languages besides English. There is a contact form that can be filled out in case of any further questions. Users can also send emails to two further email addresses if any issues arise with buying bitcoins or with the Xapo debit card.

No scam report is issued on Xapo. If customers complain about Xapo services it’s common that Ted Rogers president or other Xapo members directly address the problems on forums.

Kesimpulan keseluruhan

Xapo has a solid background of investors and experience owners which makes the provided service very professional. The Xapo bitcoin wallet and the associated VISA debit card are considered one of the safest tools on the market. The pricing is reasonably cheap as no top up fees are charged while the bitcoin exchange price is still within acceptable bid-offer range. Beside the good pricing schedule however the limits are narrower than the market as unverified users are limited to spend bitcoins even online or via POS. juga, the shipping price of 55 USD is above the average market level of the shipping of bitcoin debit cards.


  • high level of security
  • strong capital structure
  • no top up fees


  • unverified user have limit for online and POS transactions
  • expensive shipping
  • rakyat Amerika Syarikat dikecualikan