Advcash Card review 2021

支持的硬币: 6
允许贝宝: 不
真正的信用卡: 不
综合交易所: 不
包含钱包: 是的
美国客户: 不
支持 DeFi:
支持API: 不

Advcash supports a few different cryptos: 比特币, 莱特币, 以太坊, 波纹, Bitcoin Cash and ZCash. The card will however most likely support even more cryptocurrencies in the future.

关于法定货币, Advcash will support EUR, BRL, KZT, RUB, UAH and USD.



Advcash Card
Advcash Card

利弊 :

  • Works on Visa and Mastercard networks

  • Allows some use of the card without verification

  • USD option availble in Europe

  • Free transfers between ADV users

  • Multi-currency accounts

  • Partnered with Binance

  • No proprietary token

  • Currently only available in Russia and most of Europe

  • Card is not free

  • Fees for cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals hidden in exchange rates

Details and information about the Advcash Card

US-investors will not be able to use this card. 因此,如果您来自美国并且正在寻找加密借记卡, 请参阅我们的加密借记卡列表为您找到一张.



As the card hasn't been launched yet, we cannot independently verify the fees charged by this card. The below information has been provided to us by representatives of Advcash. The fees presented below can thus be changed when the card has launched. We will then make sure to update this review ASAP.

There will be an issuance fee set to USD 14.99. 美元 14.99 is in line with industry average.

There will be no monthly fees, which is very beneficial for the customers.

ATM-usage will result in a fixed fee of USD 2.99, unless the withdrawal is made in RUB, in which case there will be no fee at all. The fixed fee structure might be bad in countries where the normal ATM-machines only allow smaller withdrawals (美元 20 例如). 在这种情况下, 为了提取更大的金额,您需要多次提取, 从而每次触发固定费用. 通常, 然而, 你可以去银行以更有效的方式提取更高的金额.

此外, 最重要的费用, 支出委员会. Advcash will set you back 0.00% when purchasing something in USD or EUR. 这意味着如果你用美元买一件漂亮的毛衣 100, 这将减少您使用美元的加密资产 100 (i.e. nothing more than what you can expect). 然而, if you purchase anything in another fiat currency than USD or EUR, Advcash will charge you a 2.95% FX-conversion fee. This means that any purchases other than USD or EUR-purchases will come with a 2.95% commission based fee.

最后, the maximum monthly deposit will be USD 250,000 (post-verification). If you need a card with higher maximum deposit limits than that, don’t worry. Just have a look in our cryptocurrency debit card list to find another card for you.

Advcash Card review and fees

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