Revolut金属卡评论 2021

支持的硬币: 5
允许贝宝: 不
真正的信用卡: 不
综合交易所: 不
包含钱包: 是的
美国客户: 不
支持 DeFi:
支持API: 不

Revolut Metal 是金融科技公司的 最多 高级订阅计划. 它具有几个独家功能, 包括:

  • 机场休息室使用权
  • 礼宾服务
  • 国外购物返现
  • 旅游保险

当然, 客户必须为这些附加组件付费. 基本账户持有人无需支付月费或年费; Revolut Premium 帐户每月收费 6.99 英镑; 而 Revolt Metal 账户的费用为每月 12.99 英镑或每年 120 英镑.

在上次更新此评论的日期 (22 一月 2021), 该卡背后的公司在其网站上展示了其已发行的 12 百万用户. 这自然是非常令人印象深刻的.


利弊 :

  • Slick metal card.
  • Increased free ATM withdrawal limit of £600 per month.
  • Same perks as Revolut Premium, such as travel insurance.
  • Additional benefits of a concierge service and discounted airport lounge access.
  • Account fee of £12.99 a month or £120 a year.
  • If you’re not going to use the additional benefits then Revolut’s free basic account will likely meet your banking needs.
  • No overdraft available.

Details and information about the Revolut Metal Card

Revolut Card is a Mastercard, 表示您可以在接受万事达卡的任何付款点使用该卡. 这当然是一个很大的优势, 看到万事达卡 (和签证) 是世界上最受接受的卡片.

The card has support for Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. 还, Nexo 要求持有 NEXO 代币以获得最佳贷款和储蓄率. Nexo 要求持有 NEXO 代币以获得最佳贷款和储蓄率.

Revolut Metal Card’s fees are very competitive indeed. There are four different versions of the card: Standard, Plus, Premium and Metal. The fees vary between the versions.

There are no monthly fees for the Standard Card (but small monthly fees for the Plus, Premium and Metak versions).

没有发行费用, but a delivery fee amounting to EUR 14.99, so we have listed that as the delivery fee (it's still a fee associated with the issuance in a sense).

There are no minimum deposit limits. As long as you have a balance on the Revolut-account that the card is connected to, you can use the card.

As for ATM-withdrawals, Revolut will charge you no extra fees as long as you don't withdraw more than a certain amount. For Standard and Plus, this amount is approx. 美元 250. For Premium, the amount is USD 450 and for Metal, the amount is around USD 1,000.

To our understanding, there are no spending commissions or top up-commissions.

The Revolut Metal Card (but only the Revolut Metal Card) also offer something very interesting: 返现功能. 什么是返现功能? 好, 其实很简单, 每次用卡, a percentage of what you pay with the card gets transferred back to you in a certain form you have selected. And the percentage is from 0.10% 取决于 1.00%, depending upon where you make your purchase. If you make the purchase in Europe, the cashback is 0.10%. If you make it outside Europe, the cashback is 1.00%.

Revolut are very keen on informing how seriously they take their security. Three things in particular that they highlight is that they have an "award-winning anti-fraud system", that they are constantly monitoring the web for security purposes, and that you can ask for single-use cards to be issued. The latter means that you order a virtual card that you can only use once. That way, if your card details are compromised, it is to no use at all for the assailant.


Revolut Metal Card review and fees

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