Uquid 卡评论 2021

支持的硬币: 77
允许贝宝: 是的
真正的信用卡: 不
综合交易所: 不
包含钱包: 是的
美国客户: 不
支持 DeFi:
支持API: 不

为了得到一张Uquid卡, 您必须先创建一个Uquid帐户. 尝试在其网站上创建Uquid帐户时 13 一月 2021, 我们被重定向到交易所 OMGFIN. 因此, 好像OMGFIN已经购买了Uquid的交易平台分支一样. 但是,我们无法在OMGFIN的网站上找到OMGFIN和Uquid卡之间的任何联系, 所以我们不确定这两家公司之间的当前联系.

Uquid是VISA卡. 这意味着您可以在接受VISA卡的任何地方使用它,并从超过200万美元的现金中提取现金。 34 全球百万台自动提款机.

作为卡的主要优点, 公司强调申卡过程顺利, 您会很快收到它并且它是安全的. 这些都是大多数用户的重要优势.


利弊 :

  • Unlimited spending online.
  • No limits on ATM transactions.
  • Free POS (Point-of-sale) 订购 Nexo 卡.
  • Free shipping worldwide
  • Many users are complaining about the customer service.
  • Higher fees and commissions compare to it's alternative.
  • Two different cards needed for Bitcoin and Alt-coins.
  • Doesn't support the citizen of the United States.
  • Faster delivery than it's competitors.

Details and information about the Uquid Card

there are apparently two types of Uquid Cards, the Bitcoin debit card and the altcoin debit card. The Bitcoin debit card only supports Bitcoin, so no surprise there. The altcoin debit card, 然而, supports close to 100 different altcoins.

关于法定货币, Uquid Card supports EUR, 英镑和美元.


On its website, Uquid presents a clear overview over to what extent you may use the card. The overview details the different maximum limits etc. The limits vary dependent upon whether you are a Silver-user, or a Gold-user. What user-level you have depends on how much personal information you have provided to the company (i.e., your achieved KYC-levels).

Uquid Card’s fees are in line with industry average. 使用它当然会产生费用, but these are not deterrent to using it in our opinion.

The monthly fee is USD 1.00 (quite standard).

There is an issuance fee set to USD 16.99 which is also in line with industry average.

使用 ATM 会产生固定的美元费用 2.50 per each withdrawal. This might be disadvantageous in countries where the normal ATM-machines only allow smaller withdrawals (美元 20 例如). 在这种情况下, 为了提取更大的金额,您需要多次提取, 从而每次触发固定费用. Usually, 然而, you can go to a bank to withdraw higher amounts in a more efficient manner.

此外, 最重要的费用, is the commission on purchases. According to our information, Uquid Card doesn’t charge any commission on spending at all. This is very competitive and consumer friendly.

There is no minimum deposit, but the maximum deposit is USD 20,000 (for KYC Level 2).

Uquid Card review and fees

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